Dead Trend- False Positive

Dead Trend- False Positive

I don’t need you to repeat the verse 3 times at the end of a song because I could just put the song on repeat. Dead Trend takes this to an extreme on their album ‘False Positive’. Each song is under 2 minutes, some under 1 minute... some under 20 seconds. The brevity does not mean that the album is not seriously packed with authentically reproduced hardcore punk.

Black Flag-Dead Kennedy’s- Bad Brains- it is apparent that the band ‘Dead Trend’ has consumed these bands like communion and expelled out their own inspired version of non-pop, straight in your face, no forgiveness punk. You could look at this record as an emulator of the past; like an Atari game on your 55 inch flat screen, ‘Dead Trend’ brings 80’s punk to your iPod. This album would sound best on a cassette, blasted out your boom box with one broken speaker. Don’t ask to have this album released in 5.1 surround sound; Fuck off. Raw spirited noise attacking your ear bones.

The 80’s political themes presented in almost every song walk a line between the politicalism of The Clash and the joking seriousness of the Violent Femmes. Whether you are listening to; ‘Walled In’, a tune about the Berlin Wall; ‘Bad Policy’, a list of bad 1980’s governmental policies; or ‘Iran- Contra’, a song on Oliver North… it is hard not to hear the 80’s punk rocker punching you in the face with their ideals.

Is this the real life or is this band fantasy? You will have to come to that conclusion yourself. The answer doesn't really matter since ‘Dead Trend’ is worth a spin no matter if they are only posing as a fake band or if they are as real as GG. Alex P Keaton shakes his finger in your general direction if you don’t listen.

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