Darlingside- Oh How I Hate You

Darlingside- Oh How I Hate You

This past Saturday night the Boston based band Darlingside took the stage in Bicentennial Square. It was Market Days in Downtown Concord and the band was playing the Homegrown Stage. Now, it might seem strange to you to have a Boston based band headline the homegrown stage.. well… it is… but, the drummer of the band is from Concord. So, I guess we will let that one slide, but lets just talk about the band.

I had a chance to chat with the band before they took the stage. Damn.. what a bunch of pretentious pricks. If I could, I would stab them in their eyes with their stupid cello and violin and mandolin and whatever other messed up hipster instrument they had on stage with them. Screw their amazingly beautiful harmonies. I don’t care, they suck. I mean I bet they practice a LOT to make their vocals sound so uplifting instead of doing important things like playing Angry Birds or Candy Crush Saga. I really don’t care that their drummer was adept at completely underplaying while still maintaining a thunderous sound that seemed to be like a bolt from Zeus. The guitar player was more competent at playing guitar then buying properly fitting pants… I mean, doesn’t he know that loose pants are the way to go and impact your guitar playing? The bass player just stood there.. and played the best lines that ran alongside the drums like a beautiful gazelle floating across the plains.

During the show the guy that was proficient at playing more instruments then I have ever seen, asked the audience to come up and dance… and the entire crowd did. I hated being in the middle of a big crowd all having the time of their lives, dancing, sweating, singing…. I mean, these guys are from Boston.. I ain’t gonna have fun. There I stood, dancing, singing and sweating right along side them, but.. I am NOT gonna have fun…nope.. OH MY GOD- They are playing Whiskey In A Jar- I Love this song_WOOOOT- I still hate them.

After their set was over I spent a good ten minutes talking to their guitarist about the pros and cons about vinyl- I love vinyl and so did he. It was great to meet someone else that felt this lost medium still has a place in music. However, who really cares… I hate this band.. OOOOO a free CD- yes please! Thank you…damn I hate these guys.

Wait wait wait… what the F*&( am I doing. These guys were awesome. After A long hot day in the sun, I was cranky, I was pissed, I was stupid… I did not want to like this band from out of town playing our Homegrown stage. Despite my stupidness; this band won me over. Darlingside put on an amazing show and after all that; they stood around for an hour meeting each and every fan that wanted to chat with them including myself. In fact, I will not be washing my hand anytime soon.. they shook it and I don’t want to lose the Mojo.

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Video Of Darlingside Playing Market days


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