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the Currents, Boston'Currents' is a Boston based post hard math rock punk band. The sound bounces between hardcore jazz to moments of Fugazi and The Fall. ‘Modegreen’ is the latest album released by this trio in December 2014.

The thing with math rock is that it goes all over the place. That is the charm of it. Seriously, this is music for musicians. There are tons of moments on this album where you will be impressed with the transitions, beat layering, or syncopated vocal. Given that, it would be hard to find a quote like “Dick Clark gives it a 10 for its danceability but a 9 on song composition.” Disjointed connections that lack an exact path but seem to breathe simply from one phrase to the next is what Currents do best. Sometimes the vocals are ‘pretty’ and other times are appropriately dirty. The bass is always on the floor covered in filth and the drums keep the peace. The guitar is in a constant state of showing you where the pop friendly notes are not found.

If you don’t like being challenged musically, don’t listen. You won’t like it. If you are a musician who is fascinated by strange keys with odd time signatures and tightness- give it a listen.

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