Couch Guitar Straps- Umm- They are like amazing and stuff

Couch Guitar Straps- Umm- They are like amazing and stuff

couch guitar strap 1970's VWTalking about guitar straps are boring as pulling out your toes. Not the nails... the full toe. I mean, guitar straps just don’t mean anything to me. I bought a strap when I first started playing guitar and I pretty much just always have used that one since. Boring. That is how I drifted through the seas of guitar strapdom until I came across Couch Guitar Straps. They basically made me realize that I had been not giving enough credit to the piece of fabric tossed over my shoulder supporting my guitar and it was time to stake a moment and address that.

Couch Guitar Straps are like a ray of sunshine and happy pills on the inside of your brain. The birth of a child, the death of your mailman- neither compare to the first time you touch your very our couch guitar strap. They are just super groovy time machines of plastic and thread.

These straps are handmade and vegan friendly. On top of that, they are made out of cool ass material. My favorite series of straps are the old automobile line. The inside of a 1970’s GTO or a Mustang, or a Cadillac. They take old material from these cars and put it on their straps. Not only does it save the planet but they look like a million bucks(but cost under 50)Why don’t you just rock my face off with a cat while you are at it. Wait, what? They have straps with Cat pictures too? Get the *%$#@ out of here.

Hop on over to and buy one now before I get mad.

For those of you keeping track, yes we wrote about them back in 2012 too. We kinda forgot. Go read what we said then:

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