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We did a review of Granite State Music Festival a couple weeks ago. One of the major concerns was the porta-potty situation. By the 2nd day they were in terrible condition. We attended Go Local Music Camp N Jam V a week later… same thing. Now, I could say this was the fault of the promoters of the events but, it was not in this case. Each event was to have their poo cleaned out each morning By Dave’s Septic. Each morning came and each morning the company failed to show up to clean. Each promoter contacted the poop people and asked when their poo would be cleaned… they were told “right away”… but it never was. Below is a letter that we were able to get a copy of sent to the poo kings from the Go Local Director.

I am the director for Go Local Music and your company has provided us with services for 5 years now. I will never use Dave's again, you left 500+ people stranded from June 28-30th with nowhere to go to the bathroom. All you kept telling us the entire weekend is someone was on the way, meanwhile I have full toilets and a crowd of people looking for answers. No one ever showed up. Other event producers have shared similar "Dave's" horror stories with me and I have to say never again will I or anyone else we work with be utilizing your services in the future. As a business owner and someone very familiar with customer service, I am appalled by what you call "customer service" or "service" in general. Thanks for literally being the shittiest thing about our event.
~Mark Trottier
Head of Production

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