Christa Renee Band -review

Christa Renee Band -review

Christa Renee Band are a reggae funk band from Manchester NH. They released an album back in April Called “New Life”. It came across my desk for a review. I really want to like it. I love this band. I have seen this band live and they are fantastic. So, I seriously want to love this album. I think this band is tremendous live. Have I said that enough? I love them. They have a party feel and I always find myself dancing and twirling in the middle of the dance floor.

The first song “Peace” is a nice tune that harkens to “Tide is High” by Blondie. The intro is clean and it gets your feet moving. However, the production on the backing vocal is almost laughable. They are soaked in some sort of terrible reverb. I assume it is “church hall setting” on some free garage band plug-in. Every time those backing vocals come in, I can’t even focus. I just want to put a knife deep into my eardrums. I mean the song is GREAT. But I want kill those backing vocals. I can’t take it.

The keys are amazing as are the drums for the entire duration of the album. The guitar rhythm parts are fantastic. The guitar solo in the tune “The Best” is out of this world. It is imaginative and passionate. The entire band is talented and tight.

The Christa Renee Band are great but I think the album fails on one aspect, production. Not because I think the band is terrible but because I am certain that these tunes are falling victim to terrible production choices. The engineer on this album should refund the band. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.

Do you think we are wrong, did we miss the mark? Listen to the album and comment below!!!

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