Brooks Young Says a Sad Goodbye- In His Own Words

Unfortunately Books Young, a local music hero, is moving on. Below is a letter sent to us here at, written by Brooks saying goodbye.


Dear Friends and Fans:

Concord New Hampshire has been my home for over 25 years, I’ve made some great friends in the community and spent almost eight of those years working at one of the best guitar stores around “Strings And Things Music” were I still have some of my best friends.

Throughout my musical career living in Concord I’ve had some amazing opportunities to perform with many local talents as well numerous legends such a s B.B. King, Pat Benatar, Huey Lewis And The News to political figures such as The Vice President Of The United States to Gov. Maggie Hassan.

I’ve recorded two full albums and two EP’s locally with my best friends who happen to be my band. We’ve been featured on New Hampshire Chronicle and many other media outlets in support of our years of hard work.

Over the past few years I’ve seen the local music screen prosper in many ways from local music blogs to more places in town offering live local music. Unfortunately I’ve also seen the separation in the local music scene were musicians are starting to become closed door and working as if in a private club, were you only see the same artists performing together at the same locations.

With all this being said I’m excited to say I’ve started a new musical journey and have recently moved to the Boston area to work on my musical career with the Brooks Young Band. We’re about to start a new project with an amazing musician who happens to be an outstanding producer who has seen something special in us.

Concord New Hampshire will always be my home and where I started my musical career. I’ll still continue to have rehearsals in town at our studio and will always support the Concord music scene, after all I was born at Concord Hospital grew up on South Street and attended Conant, Rundlett and Concord High School and who doesn’t enjoy a nice cold beer after rehearsal at one of the favorite local bars!

My advice to any upcoming musicians would be, always follow your heart and to never give up on your dreams no matter what they may be. Also never forget the people who have stood by your musical career through thick and thin and who've continuously worked with you!

Brooks Young

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