Boogie On Alice - Review

Boogie on Alice-Review

Boogie on AliceBoogie on Alice played at the Gravity Tavern in New Boston, NH last night. It is my first time at this venue and I am impressed with the location and the music. The bar is sort of an old looking barn, but looks recently renovated. The inside is full of character and comfy new couches, chairs and tables. Outside there is a huge raised deck with enough room for a bunch of tables and an outside pool table. If it wasn’t for the amazing band playing inside, I would have spent most of my night outside on the beautiful deck. I highly suggest you make a trip out to see a band at this exciting bar.

Ok, enough about the building, now onto the music. The boys in Boogie have had a few drummers over the last year, Ben Bundy (who moved away), Mark Trottier (who filled in and plays in Captain Chet Lawson’s Snake Oil Review) and Sean Roukey (who is boogie’s original drummer and is now back). I am anxious to hear Roukey bang the drums because I have not seen him play before and I want to see if he sucks as much as bassist Travis MacEachern says he does(ok, Travis never said that, I just want to get him in trouble). I showed up just in time for the start of their 2nd set. It is a cover tune and the girlfriend of Boogie guitarist Dan LePage joins them on stage to sing. I mean, I assume it is his girlfriend; they did kiss at the end of the song but who knows, maybe Dan kisses all guest singers after the song(Note to Self, do not guest sing with Boogie). The tune is a departure from the normal Boogie on Alice tunes and it is nicely done. Sean is comfortable behind the drums and it appears that he has slipped right back into the Boogie groove. With their drummer back, the band has been wood-shedding some tasty jams and it shows.

Boogie On AliceAs the set continues I notice something. Not the band. No. Not the bar. No. I notice the dancers. There are a bunch of women on the floor in front of the band dancing away. The music of Boogie on Alice is a beat you want to move your body to and these ladies are no exception. The band is using their power of jamming to keep the dancers going like the energizer bunny. I tap my foot and bob my head from the comfort of the couch in front of the stage. I don’t dance, I would spill my PBR. I also notice something else. This band has really matured as musicians in the past few years. They take command of the stage and are having a genuinely fun time.

I always enjoy Boogie on Alice shows. They have a great collection of songs, sing well and blast out amazing guitar solos. I suggest you try and catch these guys at one of their many shows coming up.

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