7 Interesting Things About “Boogie on Alice”

7 Interesting Things About “Boogie on Alice”

Boogie On Alice, a Concord band, is all over the place. Not only are the band members nice, but they make good music. We know that you want to learn more about this band. Secrets. Stuff other people don’t know. Well we got the scoop.

1. They are playing a number of festivals this summer: June 8-10 - Wolfsburg FarmFest, June 15-17th - Freedom Fest, …. July 14-15th - Go Local Camp and Jam, Sept. 13-16th - Heads In Harmony

2. The bass player, Travis, has a new side project Saṃsāra. A Sort of Dub-electronic-noise project.

3. Most of the band members have been friends since elementary school but they still get along. They never fight, even though, guitarist Dan says that the other axe man in the band, Matt, needs to brush his hair.

4. Guitar player for the band Matt Ghelli once shot a deer in his back yard but missed. Then, up from the ground came a bubblin’ crude.

5. Matt dates Travis' sister. Matt has been heard saying that she is much more attractive than her brother. Dan has been heard saying, he is more attractive than most of the band.

6. Drummer Sean is back, Sean is the original drummer for Boogie but left and returned. We have no facts on why or where he went, but, we assume Jail, rehab, the moon or under a rock.

7. The band started after a neighbor heard the boys jamming and wanted them to play their wedding. Although they never played the wedding, the band stays together. If you have a wedding, maybe they will play it and come full circle.

BONUS FACT: Guitarist Matt plays adult soccer, yeah… runs around kicking balls. At one game he almost got his butt kicked when he licked the nose of an opponent.

Boogie On Alice is:
Dan Lepage- Guitar, Skin Flute, Vocals
Sean Roukey- Drums, Percussion
Matthew Ghelli- Guitar, Vocals
Travis MacEachern- Bass, Annoying conversation

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More info at : http://www.facebook.com/BoogieOnAlice

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