Top 5 Things Bands Should Know About Relations With The House

Top 5 Things Bands Should Know About Relations With The House

bartender You have a show!!! Awesome! Most shows are at a bar but i see bands treating the bar staff very poorly. It's not just draw or talent that gets you asked back for another gig. If the house thinks you're an asshole you're an asshole. (and even if you don't tip, at least remind the crowd to tip!). Here are a few things you should know about how to treat the house when playing a show. We asked for help from a local bartender to assist us with this list. He has severed almost all of you a beer at one time or another, so he is the expert and you should listen.

1 - Remember, the bar is paying you to be there, not the other way around. This means they tell you where to set up, the rules about drinks on stage, when to start and stop, etc.

2 - More often than not the actual bar is on the opposite side of the room than the actual stage. If the bartenders ask you to turn down, then turn down! They can't hear customers which results in lower tips which results in them talking trash about your band to patrons and their boss.

3 - If you try and get all your friends in for free you won't make money. And besides, if your friends can't afford 3-5 bucks at the door to see their favorite band what kind of fans are they?

4 - You know when you go on. If its 9:00 don't order food at 8:45 and get pissed it takes too long. You had all of “load-in” to eat.

5 - You and the girls with the sparkly eyes are not the only ones left when you get done. Pack up your stuff and throw or crash a party. The party's over at the venue and the bartenders, the door guy, and the rest of the staff want to go home. PS - don't ask to get paid until all your stuff is out of the building.

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