Bands; Best of NH?????

We here at are sick of these “best of” voting contests that other magazines are holding. Each one of them is not any sort of real “best of”; it is more of “who can cheat and get their computer to click vote more times.” If you don’t believe us, go down to Penuche’s in Concord and ask for their “World Famous Poutine”

What we have done instead is asked our favorite musicians from around the area to tell us about their favorite band. If you are in a band and want to tell us who your favorite band is; contact us! Below you will find the first part in a series of local musicians tell us who their favorites.
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Michael Crane
(plays in Capt Chet Lawson’s Snake Oil Revue)

Favorite Local Band:
"Ghost Dinner Band- The drummer lets me use his drum set."

D. Astles
(plays in FolknRolln/The Rippin' E Brakes)

Favorite Local Band:
Beechwood really rips! I've seen them a ton of times and they're always right on the money. Awesome vocals and songs.”

Mark Trottier
(plays in Ghost Dinner Band)

Favorite Local Band: “I love Capt Chet Lawson’s Snake Oil Revue - Because I let their Drummer use my drum set.”

Jared Steer
(Plays in Bräsbe, Wayfarers and more!)

Favorite Local Band:“I dig Tan Vampires because of their creative and to the point song writing. The musicians are all on point with their music, they serve the songs unselfishly”

Read part one here

Read part two here!_________________________________________________
Other local bands you should checkout-
Dusty Gray Band,Boogie On Alice, The Ghost Dinner Band
The Van Burens
, The 123's, Juliana Cable, Kitchen, The Ron Noyes Band, Diamond Joe, Lucas Gallo, Crunchy Western Boys, BRASBE, Charlie Chamberlain, Run Gazelle Run, Tyler Road, Ways To Fall, Gorilla Finger Dub Band, Yankee Cockfight

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