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Old Girlfriend

Old Girlfriend- lyrics

I see you're drinking that Kool-Aid again
Don't you see that girl is poison
Boy that FAKE sugar is gonna make you sick
Don't you wanna have the REAL thing woh-oh

Can't you see that I'm just waiting for the green light
I'm here whenever you wanna go

2:47 minutes (3.19 MB)

Shut Up (I Love You)

Shut Up (I Love You)- lyrics

You say I'm spiteful
I just know what I want
That's why I won't let go

Fucked up but beautiful
That's what we got right here
You know you can't say no

Misery loves company
But I can't stand you
Why dontcha stick around

3:30 minutes (4.01 MB)

You know I took the weekend off
To spend my time with you alone
You invited half of your damn friends
I probably shoulda stayed at home

You gotta know you're not that slick, baby

3:49 minutes (4.38 MB)

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