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Broken Glass

Another live cut from Slow Burn's upcoming CD entitled Modern Paranoia. This is a little different than what will be on the CD. The sound quality on this mp3 is so-so. FYI - it was recorded on an H2 zoom pocket recorder using all 4 internal mikes, normalized and then converted from a .wav file to an mp3. Musicians are the same as on Endless Train. Steve Chaisson does the vocals on the CD version.

3:39 minutes (4.19 MB)

This song is about the renewal and redemption found on the open road. The road trip has always been my favorite cure when life gets too intense. You can try to run from your problems for a while but they always catch up to you. Sung, written and performed by Slow Burn founder Doug Wheaton in a basement session.

6.15 MB

This is a cut from Slow Burn's newly released CD entitled Modern Paranoia. Song is written by Doug Wheaton. Vocals by Buck Baker, Guitars by Doug Wheaton, Bass by Gideon Butler and Drums by Paul Wheeler. Will be available on Itunes and Zune this week.

5:01 minutes (4.58 MB)

Another cut from Slow Burn's January 2011 CD release entitled. Since I expect to die of old age before the website gets around to reviewing my CD I figured I would share another song with the website's denizens.

2:42 minutes (2.56 MB)

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