Advertise With Us is a New Hampshire based local music website. 80% of our users are centered in New England, with ages ranging from 21 to 60. 15% from the rest of the United States. 5% of our users are from all over the world.

A few stats..
• Monthly Views: 50,000+
• Daily Page Views: 2,000+/-

Business Rate:
Right side of page: Cost per month is only $25.
Top of article: Cost per year is only $10
Podcast Radio Ad: $5 per 30 sec advertisement

Band Rate:
If you are in a local band, you get a rate of $5 for two months of right side ads and 2 top of article ads.

Non-Profit Rate:
If you are hosting a benefit event, contact us for free ad space.

Ad design:
We can design print or radio ads for your campaign at no charge.

Payment methods
Payment is accepted via all major credit cards.

For information on placing ads on this site, contact us at

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