5 Questions With Zack Burwick of The Phreaks

5 Questions With Zack Burwick of The Phreaks

We had a chance to sit down with Zack Burwick of the band The Phreaks. The Phreaks are a Phish tribute band playing all over New England and Zack beats the drums for the band. When we sat down with Dave I could tell- he was pronouncing all his “F’s” with “Ph”. I mean, I think I could tell- I am not really sure. I was high as hell from some brownies and really- I could not be sure if Zack was even in the room or if I was talking to a wall. In any event- Zack was a really nice guy except for the fact that he kept on changing from a human to a unicorn. You can catch Zach and the rest of his shape shifting band for a really big show up at Nectars on Feb 15th with The Hornitz. It will be their 100th show and at the birthplace of Phish- so should not be missed. You can also see them them this friday December 6th 2013 at the Stone Church. Anyways- here are the five questions we got to ask Zack before we stopped to order pizza-


Can you tell us where you got your start in music?

Zack- My start in music varies on what you mean. Could be me air drumming to the intro to "Money for Nothing" by Dire Straits when I was 6. My first real favorite band was Nine Inch Nails and that turned a 180 to Phish soon after that. I still love NIN though. Been playing drums for 20 years at this point and got started in a band in 8th grade...life been awesome ever since!

You are stuck on an island- You only get to bring one album- What album do you bring with you?

Zack- Ive often told myself if I could only have 1 track on an island itd be "You Enjoy Myself" from A Live One. Its my fav version of my fav song so that kinda sealed the deal. So i guess Id have to say A Live One...but non-Phish album?.....maybe White Pepper by Ween or Hunky Dory by Bowie...its too tough man!! (ed note: We said only one- This is what you get for not reining in the talent)

What is the most memorable thing to happen at a show?

Zack- Sometimes the most memorable moments musical are the hardest times to remember because you're so lost in the music. You're not even thinking about how great it is..its just happening at that very second.

If you had to be a cat- what type of cat would your be; an inside or outside cat?

Zack- Outdoor cat...just figure out what cars are and dont get eaten...aside from that? Get down in that "im gonna pounce on that shit stance"!

Phish- Best band ever or a what?

Zack- Its all opinion but I always say for me its Phish and the Beatles. What Phish has done and the way they've progressed as a band and the music they dove into starting 30 years ago is unmatched. In their prime, I've never seen 4 more talented musicians know each other so well in the moment at every show. Thats why we wanna pay tribute.

You are playing a show Nectar's in Burlington, vt on sat Feb 15th with the The Hornitz. Do you think they are better at coloring with crayons or are you better?

ZackWell...id have to give the Hornitz crayon street credit... You can just tell...they got the touch. They got the power.

What questions would you have asked? Comment below and maybe Zack will answer you- or maybe ignore you- but you will never know unless you try!

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