You Are Cheating With Samples

Brooks Young Band, Concord NH, Music I use to think that using samples of other people’s music in my music was cheating. So I programmed my own drum loops and virtual instruments. I then thought that programming was cheating, so I learned to play drums for real. I then thought using store bought drums was cheating, so I made my own. I then thought that using premade drum heads was cheating, so I bought and killed a goat and made my own. I then thought that buying a fully mature goat was cheating, so I grew my own baby goat from a goat I bought. I then that that was cheating but I didn’t know where to go from there. I haven’t made any music lately and all my time is consumed with goat farming.

I’ve spent 4 years on this goat farm and I realized something. I was wrong. Music is art and it doesn’t matter how it is created. There is no cheating, no rules and no correct way. We should be doing it the way that allows us to create the most creative thing we can. If you use samples or auto tune or a rubber band guitar- it doesn’t matter. Just create.

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