10 Reasons Your Bandmates Hate You

10 Reasons Your Bandmates Hate You

1. Drunk.-

You are in a rock band, you are suppose to drink and do drugs, right? If you want to sound like crap then yes, you should drink lots of booze. Sure, you can have a few drinks but try to limit your intake. Having 5 mixed drinks and a few beers before you take the stage makes your performance suffer (on stage performance and off stage with the groupies after the show). Your band will hate you if you are drunk and your drunkenness spoils the show. Plus it makes YOU look bad. People don’t respect people who don’t respect themselves enough to stay at least semi-sober for a show.

2. Money-

If you are a leader of a band, it doesn’t mean you get to take a larger split. If you write the songs and you are playing at a small bar making 400-500 bucks a night; You don’t get all the money. You don’t get a larger cut. You don’t get to tell your bandmates they should feel lucky to play with you. Why? Cause, if you do- You are a jerk. Yep. All there is to it. Once you get to a point where your band has an ACTUAL contract- sure- then you can put in that contract that you get 10% or 50% or more. But lets face it- if you are making 100 or less a piece- Telling your bandmates that you deserve 20 more bucks is just well- sad. At a local band level, your bandmates are your friends. Suck it up. Don’t take an extra cut and see how much more your bandmates actually like you. If you don’t care if your friends like you or not- I feel sorry for you. (Note: Only exception is if you are actually hiring the band and they have NO responsibilities other than to show up and play. In this case- Do as you please.)

3. Tardiness-

Don’t show up late; for anything. It shows disrespect for the people waiting for you. When you show up 15/30 minutes late it says “My time is more important than yours and you should sit around and wait for me twiddling your thumbs.” Be places on time.

4. Girlfriend-

Your girlfriend is not in the band. As much as you love her, your bandmates most likely talk about her behind your back. “what does he see in her.” So please limit the time your band has to spend with her. Bringing her to band practice is not a good idea. Don't Yoko your band.

5. Gear-

Invest in some good gear. People will tell you that you can play shows with crap gear. Of course, Of course, of course you can. You can also ride under the car instead of inside- but I wouldn’t suggest it. If you are just jamming in a basement and playing a few shows every other year in your basement- You don’t need to invest in good gear. However, if you are playing out frequently and you are making money from playing- Come on- buy a decent amp, guitar and cables. I have seen bands that play out often whose gear never works- Come on guy- get some good gear. I might be talking about you. So fix it. Your band HATES the fact that your gear is broken and not reliable. Makes them look bad.

6. Load In-

Come on, help load in and load out. How many times do I have to say it. You are not special. Just because you don’t sing, doesn’t mean you can’t help load the PA. Just because you don’t play the drums it doesn’t mean you don’t have to help. Just because you are ugly as sin, doesn't mean you can't load the lights.

7. You are not more important-

Enough said.

8. Acting Like a Child-

Don’t make your bandmates take care of you. You need to take care of yourself- Be an adult. Keep track of your obligations. If you need a baby sitter- maybe you should reconsider being in a band. Either that or ask your mom to be in your band.

9. Phone at practice-

Get off damn Facebook during practice. Stop texting.

10. Promotion-

It is everyone’s job in the band to promote shows. EVERYONE’S!!!!! You are an evil piece of crap if you are playing a show and you see NOONE in the crowd that is there because you told them about the show. Promotion of shows is the most important thing about being in a band and if you are not doing it; you shouldn’t get paid. You should also feel really bad about yourself, go cry in a darkened closet by yourself….

Why do your bandmates hate you? Comment below and let us know!

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