Wild Imaginaries- Review

Wild Imaginaries is a brand new pop rock outfit from San Francisco, CA making their debut with their first single "Carousels." The band is composed of Vocalist and Bassist, Rob Marshall, Pianist, Jesse Kyle, and Guitarist, Nic Gracia. Together they create some of the space pop rock I have heard in a while.

If you like Grandaddy, I think you will like Wild Imaginaries. These lads take pop music and mix in a sort of dance electronic thing while still maintaining the integrity of a rock band.

Production on their tunes are fantastic. Great arrangements are punctuated with large swings in depth and volume. There is no part of their tunes that relies on just one thing to entertain. At any given part you have 6 or 7 complex pieces of a puzzle that are all being tossed at you at once. It is up to you to decide what pieces Wild Imaginaries are intending for the puzzle edges and corners.

In the end, each and everyone will find something amazing and beautify to focus their attention. The drums, the harmonies, the melody, the piano, the space, the air, the guitar- you choose- It is your adventure and you get to pick what corner you are to stand.

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