Why Our Local Music Scene Rocks

Why Our Local Music Scene Rocks

This past weekend there were two amazing bands at one of our local bars [name of the bar withheld to protect the innocent and Marty{although Marty has nothing to do with this, but lets face it, he needs protection(he doesn’t really)+x}]=. It was not supposed to be like that- there should have been just one band. There was a double booking. OH NO!!! Double booked bands are not as cool as Double Stuf Oreos. Normally in these situations the bar goes back to see where the mistake was made and cancels on one of bands (and tosses Golden Grahams at them). In this case, that is what happened. Amorphous Band won out over The Four Legged Faithful. The Four Legged Faithful were told that their music services would not be needed that night due to a booking error and this was just a few days prior to the show. The sucky part about this is that The Four Legged Faithful had spent weeks promoting the show and now would not be able to play or get paid. SUCKY! Plus all their fans might show up and be disappointed that they were not playing. SUCKY! Plus, I had my outfit for the night picked out days in advance and laid on the foot of my bed… SUCKY!

Well- we here at Yourband.info became slightly involved with this situation as we were actually planning on going to see The Four Legged Faithful that night. The show was written down on our IPhone… In sharpie… on the screen… (I should get an android). We thought we were being messed with when we received a text from the least sexiest member of Amorphous Band asking if our “smelly ass” was going to be at their show at “withheld name of bar with good bartenders” that Saturday. We were confused, we were stunned, and we figure it was an April fool’s joke because we were going to The Four Legged Faithful that Saturday at “the place with good lighting and staging for bands to play on”. It was not a joke- it wasn’t funny- but this drummer does in fact have a smelly ass. I knew what I had to do. I quickly contacted the bass player of The Four Legged Faithful.

“Hey- J-man- quick, figure out a way to cause an injury to the drummer of Amorphous Band- They are playing ‘that bar I won’t mention with awesomeness’ this sat due to a mistaken double booking and you were canceled.” We plotted a few different ways to get to him incapacitated- Invite G-man out for ice-cream and try smashing his face in with a feather duster… ask him to listen to an awesome new record and blast out his ear drums with Whitney Huston…. Beg him to move to California… but we couldn’t come up with anything that worked. (And believe me we tried… we even went to his house, stole his toilet paper, forcing him to cut paper towels in half to do the “cleaning process”) This last plot gave me an idea- So I started the ball rolling on ‘plan number two.’

We have a great community of musicians in this town. We help each out each other out. We stand together or fall together when needed. This was my idea- How about we ask Amorphous Band to split the night with The Four Legged Faithful -guess what…. IT WORKED!!!!!! The two bands worked together to make a bad situation turn into community event. I mean, let’s face it… there was gonna be a TON of disappointed The Four Legged Faithful fans at the show if Amorphous Band didn’t split the bill. With both bands agreeing to split the night, everyone wins. Each band gets to perform and the fans get to see new music. I am sure that each band performing gained at least a few new fans that otherwise never would have seen them play. It benefits everyone.

This is what I love this local music community. We all came together. We didn’t say ‘too bad so sad’ to one band. Or “I don’t need you I can do it alone”. Maybe now The Four Legged Faithful will be more apt to help Amorphous Band in the future- because it easily could have been either band that was canceled for the night. Maybe you the reader will go to an Amorphous Band show because of this nicety. It was also very gracious of Amorphous Band to give The Four Legged Faithful some money for the night when they easily could have kept it all. It shows real class to admit that each band worked just as hard and each one deserved some pay. Each band does this as their living and they need to put food on the table. I mean, Damn it, ONLY ASSHOLES WRITE ON CHURCH DOORS… right? ASSHOLE! (If you don’t get the reference, you should get out more slut and rock to the horror)

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