Trevor Fett - review

Trevor Fett plays guitar and sings and raps. It is very minimalist and I like it. Have you ever wondered what it would like to have Adam Sandler mix words with Woody Guthrie while Bob Dylan plays chess with Robert Johnson? I think this music is it.

I am not sure what any of these songs are about. I am really not sure if Trevor knows either. The guitar stands bouncing between two chords, maybe three, while a sort rappy, mono toned and expressive vocal pokes your ear. Some might say this sucks. Your mom would hate this shit. Aren't moms suppose to hate good music anyways though?

I am fascinated. I can't stop listening. I want to learn what Trevor Fett has to say. At the moment I can't figure out what he is telling me but I think it is very important. He could be the voice of his generation; or maybe he is just telling us a cookie recipe. I don't know, but the way he deliveries it is very soothing and disarming at the same time. I love it. I am gonna drink this Kool Aide while I sit and listen to Trevor sing my soul to sleep.

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