Open Letter to the Audience Tambourine Player

Dear lady with the tambourine,

Your ability to play tambourine on the back beat, then on the 3rd note of a triplet, then polyrhythmic 32nds, then God only knows what was impressive.

Did you invent a new time signature last night? I am humbled. Jazz Fusion tambourine simply is underappreciated these days.

I also appreciate, as the upright bass player of a Bluegrass quartet, the challenge of keeping the entire ensemble on time as you shared your heady, post-modern rhythmic interpretation of "I'll Fly Away."

Again, thanks for your enthusiasm. I dream of a future where every man, woman, and child can pound a tambourine in public with reckless abandon and complete disregard.

I am trading in the upright this morning for 170 tambourines to begin your movement. I'd like to name my nonprofit after you - with your permission.


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