Steven Chagnon- Live Review

Steven Chagnon- Live Review

This past Saturday I was at Chen Yang Li in Bow NH for the Solo night. Steven Chagnon was the first performer to take the stage. I lied to him in a brief conversation before the show saying he did a great job at market days this year- In fact I kinda missed his set and don’t know how he did. Sorry Steve- I don’t normally lie. I did see your set, but I was stuck with my child across the street and down a bit. She was interested in looking a balloon. So I really only caught half of one part of a song. However, you did play that part really well. So- I was really excited to see Steven take the stage on Saturday.

Now, I know you are not going to believe me folks. I have already said I lie earlier in this review. I have lost your trust. Trust is one thing that a reviewer of music should never loose. Once you have lost my trust, why would you believe me if I said that Steven Chagnon put on possibly the best performance I have seen all year. Why would you not think my pants were on fire and I was a liar liar if I said that during his set, the entire audience was quiet and hung on every note? I am not lying. I promise you, I am not lying. His voice and guitar blend perfectly.

The highlight of his set was a cover of a David Grey tune. In the middle of the song the entire crowd was weeping. Everyone took hands and formed a circle and swayed back and forth as we started a fire with the passion coming from Steven’s guitar and mouth. Wild dogs and cats and deer and moose all entered the venue and took a seat to listen to the magic. For a brief second the entire world had a moment of complete peace. Jet planes flew overhead and wrote in beautiful Times New Roman print, “Peace and love for all”. Llamas did circus tricks while sea lions read poetry. What? Are you calling me a liar? Ok, maybe I am stretching the truth a ‘little’. The song was quite fantastic though.

Every single person at this performance indicated to me that we will be seeing Steven Chagnon up on big stages in a few years. I for one see great things in his future. Do yourself a favor- get out now to see his act before he becomes famous so you can tell people “I knew him when magic pony-people came out of his face.”

Have you seen Steve perform? What did you think- Comment below

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