Run Gazelle Run

Run Gazelle Run

Run Gazelle Run is a local New Hampshire band that has been gaining some momentum over the past year or so. You may have seen them performing with Ghost Dinner Band or perhaps you are looking forward to catching them live at this year’s Go Local Camp and Jam. Whatever the case, they are amazing, fun and a band that you should go see. They released their début album at the end of last year and it can be found on most of those online places for purchase(includes that Steve jobs site). Since we think you may know very little about this band, we thought you might want to know some obscure facts about them.


1. Tim and Ben have known each other since 1st grade and are currently living together. They bicker like an old married couple about everything...and we mean EVERYTHING.
(Note: They are not *actually* a couple.)(Ed Extra Note: we think they are saying they are not gay; not that there is anything wrong with that if they were or were not. Although there would be something wrong if they were wrong about being wrong about being actually not being a bickering couple roomate cousin.... or something)

2. Fun fact: Although Owen and Ezra are identical twins, Owen is 3/4 of an inch taller then Ezra... and much better looking.

3. Although Ezra and Owen are identical twins, Ezra is 3/4 of an inch shorter than Owen...and ugly.(Ed note: Ezra is a miserably unattractive person)

4. Ben is *not*, in fact, an escapee from a secret government mental ward, despite popular opinion.

5. In order to preserve his vocal technicality, Tim only converses via singing during his everyday life. In related news, he is currently unemployed.

6. Walker owns a dinner jacket covered in sequined equines that he does not wear nearly enough.

7. On March 30th, 2013, in Nashua NH at the Riverwalk Roasters Coffee House, Run Gazelle Run will be continuing their very cool collaboration with master storyteller Odds Bodkin by performing live portions of Odds' recently released *The Water Mage's Daughter*. Also featured will be a rare semi-unplugged set by Run Gazelle Run, opening set by Dan Codispoti, singer-songwriter. Come one come all! Cover $10. Contact for details.

8. On April 4th, 2013, at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston, MA, Run Gazelle Run will be competing in the third round of the Hard Rock Rising Battle of the Bands. Should they win this round, they will be the official pick for Boston to participate in the international round, with an ventual trip to London for the final round at stake! We would love to see you there! Cover $5! Contact for details.

9. There is no number nine.

10. See number nine.

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RGR is:
Tim Ahern- Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Ezra Landis- Lead Guitar
Ben Ruddock- Mandolin, Keys, Etc.
Walker Landis- Bass
Owen- Not really sure who or what he does but he is in the band... We have been told he might hit the drums

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