4 Facts and 1 Lie About The Ron Noyes Band

4 Facts and 1 lie about The Ron Noyes Band

The Ron Noyes Band is a local act that always puts on a great show. You may think you know a lot about the band, but here are a few facts that I bet you didn’t know. Can you spot the one lie?

1. Bassist Chuck Tufankjian loves playing disc golf. He in fact plays quite frequently. If you are not familiar with disc golf; the sport involves going in the woods and tossing Frisbee’s at baskets. It is more fun than it sounds. Ask him all about it and I am sure he will tell you about the great sport.

2. Ron had an unsuccessful run for public office this past year. Although he had a lot of support, he was not quite able to edge out his opponent for the position.

3. The Ron Noyes tune "Shelter" went to #15 on the Pulse Sirus XM charts.

4. Ron had a college basketball scholarship to play Division II ball at Barton College in NC.

5. One time during a show at Penuches in Concord, The band was attacked by a group of drifters. They were hit with sticks and stones that could have broke their bones BUUUUTTTT the band danced….It was very fortunate for the band that they were able to scare the mob away with their dancing skills before any damage occurred. Just like the dance scene in “Beat It’; Ron and his crew were able to dance us into a better future.

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