Riverhill Grange Concert Series

Riverhill Grange Concert Series

Have you been to the Grange in Penacook NH for the Riverhill Grange Concert Series? I had not been there to see a show until this past Saturday. I was sort of avoiding it cause seriously; it’s Penacook. Penacook is not even its own proper town. It is a part of Concord but insists on having its own identity. Places like that should be avoided. However, since I myself LIVE in Penacook and the Grange is only a ¼ of a mile down the road, I finely figure I should make the trip. Of course I will need ride though… BYOB!

As we arrive, I am expecting to walk into a sterile hall without much character, you know, something built in 1984 and should have been torn down a year later due to its ugliness. The room of the Grange could not be further from that description. It is like an old school house from the 1800’s. Built like a rugged tank, this room has much to do with the enjoyment of my time for the rest of the night. I am greeted by the organizer of the event and musician, Matt Poirier. I congratulate him on putting on a great concert series. I chat with a few other people and everyone is friendly and kind. I even meet some guy who recently broke his leg and is hopping around on crutches. I hand him a beer and make an instant friend. That is what this place is about; Community and music.

Playing this past Saturday night was Diamond Joe and Matt Poirier. Diamond Joe is playing as I enter the room and I am amazed. I have seen this band more than 2 handfuls of times and tonight is the best I have heard them play. Not only is their playing great but the sound is crisp, clean and clear. It must be the room. This old school house has the perfect configuration for ideal sound. The construction is solid and reverberates, captures and tosses the sound waves at your ears in a most majestic way.

The vibe of this DIY concert series in a small old school house brings the community together. Their mission says it all “… to bring a variety of local NH based musical talent into an atmosphere where listening to music is everybody’s main goal.” They have hosted the likes of Tristan Omand, Lucas Gallo, Dusty Gray, and the Magnificent Sanctuary Band. Look for more great shows at this venue in the future. I highly recommend going out to this fabulous new music experience available to you. I promise you will have a great time. If you go and do not have a great music expedience then you obviously have some major flaw in your character.

Find them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RiverhillGrangeConcertSeries

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