Rippin’ E Brakes and Ordinary Soldiers- Live review

Rippin’ E Brakes and Ordinary Soldiers- Live review

WARNING- this review sucks- it is not funny, not informative and pretty much just wastes your time. The middle part goes on for a bit too long. Please read at your own risk.

Friday night I went to Barley House in Concord NH to see Rippin’ E Brakes and Ordinary Soldiers. These two bands are really good and since they were sharing a bill, there was no way I was going to miss this show. I mean, you would have to tie me up and beat me with a long stick to make me miss this show. You would have to duct tape me to your couch, toss watermelons at my skull and paint my face orange to miss this show. There is NOOOOO possible universe where I am I gonna miss this. Even if you rented anime, bought me a pizza and super glued a billion dollar bills to a goat- I am NOT MISSING THIS FREAKING SHOW!!!!!

Unfortunately I was a little late and missed the entire set of the Rippin’ E Brakes. Yeah ummm… I missed it. I was umm… busy drinking apple martinis at Cheers… and PBRs at Penuches… and whiskey at True Brew. BUUUUUTTTT that will not stop me from reviewing the Rippin’ E Brakes performance… I shall just make some stuff up. So.. umm.. The Rippin’ E Brakes were incredible. During their performance one member of the band actually changed into a large coffee with cream and sugar. It was quite amazing. One second you see a man playing bass- the next second you see a large cup of coffee rocking the low end. Hmm- or maybe that didn’t happen.

Next up on the bill is Ordinary Soldiers. Yeah- just incredible. I mean, no one shape shifted- but the music was excellent. I got up and shook my money maker a few times- and frightened more than a handful of patrons. The guitar playing was fantastic- the singing was uplifting and the cup of coffee on stage was hot- wait. WTF- I think I need to lay off the beers.

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