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Are you in band? Do you like looking at yourself? If the answer to the first is yes… then we KNOW the answer to the 2nd question is a yes as well. If so, you should get professional band pictures taken. Why? Because it makes you look more professional, will get you more shows and and will impress your fans. It also allows you to look at yourself more, and we know you want to do that.

Jen Bundy of ‘Rhythm of Life Photography’ has been taking pictures of the local music scene and is great to contact about getting your pictures done. Want to see samples? Click that link in the upper right of this page for some stuff she has taken.

Now, this might sound like an advertisement…. Like we were paid to write this or something…. We weren't. We are just passionate about our local music scene, just like Jen is passionate about local music. She supports everything about what local musicians do in this town. Her love for the arts on stage comes through in her photos. They are perfectly balanced and show the fun and intensity the bands have on stage. In fact- her photos have powers... Like- her photos have REALLY special powers- they can increase the Dow Jones by 23 points and solve diplomatic disagreements. They are quite astonishing.

Give Jen Bundy a buzz. You can contact her via the facebook page below. Get your band photographed. Get to look at yourself more and get to meet a great person who loves music as much as you do. She is amazing. She is a magical unicorn on the photo lens. She has worked with some of the best bands in this town- your band should be next.

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