Prince-ing- The New Internet Fad

You’ve heard of Gangnam style, you’ve heard of planking, You’ve heard of oweling.. Now the new fad has hit the internet. PRINCE-ING! What is Prince-ing you might ask? It is all the rage across the county and the mere fact that you have to ask makes you un-cool, but we will take pity on you and explain it. Prince-ing is when you ask someone if you can borrow something from them and immediately toss it on the ground and yell "Prince-ing!"

Recently Prince(that guy formally known and now known as Prince) borrowed a guitar while playing the Jimmy Fallon show. At the end of his performance, he tossed the guitar on the ground and broke it. The guitar was an expensive vintage guitar that belonged to Kirk Douglas of Fallon's house band. What a jerk. Soooooo In Prince's honor, we now have Prince-ing. It is your chance to be a total @$$. Ask someone to borrow something and then toss it to the ground and scream “PRINCEING!” Then run away. nothing is smashed anymore, only Princed. You need to make sure you video yourself doing it. Also Helps if you wear purple and have a wicked stupid mustache.

Here is the original Prince-ing video!!!!

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