Portland Senator- Review

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Portland Senator- Review

It is cold and wet out. Portland Senator is my warm blanket for the day, keeping the chill away from my bones. It is not often you find a new band that you can’t stop listening to; Portland Senator is one of these bands. I’ll make a guarantee to you; if you listen to this band and don’t love it, I’ll punch you in the face. Deal?

The songs are all extremely well written. The tunes flow from song to song with hints of Eddie Vedder in the vocals; with less marbles in the mouth. Portland Senator also breaks out various sounds other than guitar to help make each song more full and interesting. I mean, come on… who doesn’t love a whistle solo? They also don’t stick to the same lineup of instruments on each song. Portland Senators certainly let the music dictate what needs to be played to make the most emotional connection.

WOOOOOOWWWW Dynamics!!! This is definitely a band that has not succumbed to the compression battle. Each song is a roller coaster of volume and passion. It is my hope that more bands don’t try to win the loudness war. If more bands were like Portland Senator I would be a very happy person. Do yourself a favor, get their album… or I’ll punch you.

Hit play to hear Portland Senator:

Portland Senator is: Glen DeGeorge, Jake Steinberg, Lucas Hope, Corey Rader, and Gavin McCauley

For more info: http://portlandsenator.com/

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