Pleasant Creak- Review

Pleasant Creak is an indie/emo band form Boulder Colorado. It began as the solo project of songwriter Spencer Kalata in 2013, but has since expanded into a full band. Pleasant Creaks angst filled and introspective brand of indie punk is often categorized with the "emo revival' scene of the twenty-tens.

These songs are all full of self hate. The delivery of the vocals is perfectly emo- sort talked sort of sung, sorta whined. Each song is a story of a tortured soul that either doesn’t have the confidence to interact, purposely judges or spends hours cruising Google Earth. The music is great. The guitar rips, the drums are dirty(that is good)

The subject matter really is depressing. I mean; like… I am really sad right now. If you are close to the edge, for the love of god, don’t listen to these songs. They are so real, the direct story telling in these songs touches perfectly to your lowest hours. Imagine the worse moment in your entire life that even just thinking about makes you hate yourself- Pleasant Creak sings about that moment and recalls it for you perfectly.

This music has touched me and made me sad. It is great. I love it. Even though after listening, I am finding it hard to love myself.

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