One Maid Tune- Review- CRAP LOCAL BAND

One Maid Tune- Review

-One Maid Tune is a local NH band from Manchester/Concord. I was sent a copy of their most recent album- “Wells To Water” in our Yourband e-mail inbox. I found their title kinda interesting in a minimalistic fashion, so I hit play right away. I was hoping to get some sorta “Neutral Milk Hotel” or “Replacements” type of sound coming out of the speakers. I don’t know why but the name of the band just conjured up images of those bands. I was excited- I was anxious- I couldn't wait for the needle to hit the vinyl( or well, mouse curser thingy hit the play button on my computer screen and turn grey)… When media player popped up and the music start- I shat.

No- It was not in a good way. This music was terrible. TERRIBLE!!! I hate writing bad reviews but I feel you need to be protected from seeing this band or booking this band or talking to this band or even looking at this band for an extended period of time. They seem to have no website, no facebook page, no twitter, no nothing- They are not even friends of Toms- But in their press kit they list that they have played almost every venue in NH. I checked with a few booker friends- they did not play these venues.

Hit Play to hear their best tune while you read the rest of the review.

What do they sound like? Imagine some of the worst metal you could imagine. Toss on top of that some guy singing in a falsetto voice but not in tune. Imagine a drummer who plays double bass as fast as he can EVERY SONG- but not in time- just randomly banging as fast as it can go. Bass- imagine no bass- there- you got it. Now, the cherry on top. The guitarist. The guitarist is playing with one finger, all on the high e string and following the vocal line- did I mention the vocal line is all one note?

The lyrics are amazing “Did you know my mom- yeah so did I” that is the chorus… I think. It is also the verse. Oh.. and bridge is this- “I’m like a loaded gun- born to shoot and have some fun”. Words cannot describe the awfulness of this crap. I can only think of the band ‘Complete’ when listening- don’t know complete? Watch the video below. Please- warn your friends about this band!!!! They seem to wanting to scam people with a fake press kit. WARN YOUR MUSIC FRIENDS!


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