UPDATE- Bands announced- Local Blend: Vol I - FREE Download

Local Blend: Vol I - FREE Download

The first www.Yourband.info local music compilation album, Local Blend Vol I, is almost finished. Recording of the album is complete and we are now in the final stages of mixing and mastering the album. Again- This is a completely FREE downloadable digital album. It is set to be released Tuesday September 9th 2014. During our last update we told you all the names of the solo artists that are going to be featured on album...click here to read that. Now we are telling you what full BANDS you have to look forward to on the album.


The Greenlights are a new, funky rock band out of Concord, NH that pride themselves on musical collaboration from many different backgrounds and influences.


Brooks Young Band has been exciting audiences throughout the northeast with powerful live performances that keep audiences screaming for more. A perfect combination of rock,pop and blues


They each have a near-telepathic understanding of the other, and complement each other and communicate without the convenience of speech or eye contact. With an uncanny ability to read each other so well mid-jam and a passionate, devoted following, Boogie On Alice is on the verge of bursting out of their reservoir tip.


Foot stompin' rock with a moderate dose of comedy
Captain Chet Lawson’s Snake Oil Revue formed in late 2009. Their music is a throw back to the 1930’s Blues and Americana songs people sang on their front porch in the hot summer heat. They use this time period and genre as a starting point but toss in Pop/Punk sensibilities and Smothers Brothers whit.

More on Local Blend Vol I here:


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