Lauren Hurley- Singer/Songwritter- 5 Questions!

Lauren Hurley- Singer/Songwritter- 5 Questions!

A few months ago we sat down with an amazing singer/songwritter, Lauren Hurley and asked her our famous 5 questions. This interview then fell through the cracks and we lost it. We found it today and we wanted to share it with you. It is actually a good thing we waited, because today Lauren made available her song "The Edge" for free download… check it out(linked below) ok…. On with the questions

1. Favorite local musician right now…

In Concord, NH, Blake Patria. He writes and plays with rude boy original flavor.

2. What is one thing people don’t understand or get about you?

Most people see and hear the end result of an immense amount of time I've spent condensing my life experience into song & they are impressed because songwriting is my gift. What people don't get about me is that EVERYTHING takes me FOR-EVER. I've been this way as long as I can remember. I am slow paced as to not trip over my own steps. I'm an emotionally thought provoking magical girl turtle. People don't get my inner turtle struggle.

3. Strangest thing anyone has said to you before, after or during a show?

I enjoy strangeness it in the moment. I have a hard time recalling strangeness. Though, It's always the best when people come up to me and express, the classic, "You remind me of ___". I hear Regina Spektor and Ani Difranco often, but sometimes people throw me curve balls. Jewel, for instance

4. What artist has made the biggest impact on your music?

MSF. I started listening to Conor Oberst when I was 12 and that fueled the little lyrical flame. I had been passionate about writing songs in secrecy. My sister was the only one I would share songs with. She got me to play this song I wrote called "Henry the Hornet" to my friend Davey one morning. He was the best songwriter I knew then and almost 10 years later, is still, hands down, the best song-writer I know. We record together most Mondays. His ongoing project is MSF I'm also friends with another creative entity who has influenced my work a lot. Though she is not musical.

5. Favorite lyric you have ever written?

"look across the river, yellow flowers"

6. 6. What color socks are you wearing right now?

i'm sock-less

Find out more on Lauren here:


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