Ian James-Review

Ian James-Review

Grand Delusions - Blue FX Records 2012

This record could almost be amazing. It is sort of like a 1980’s new wave band. It falls short. The music is interesting, but the song writing is not quite there. All of the vocals are monotone. There are moments of the album where I start to get excited and think I could love this record. The first 30 to 40 seconds of “what am I going to do” starts out great. The song however takes a turn for the worse shortly after the stellar intro.

The record was recorded in Ian James’ home studio all alone, solo. I would be interested to see what Ian could do with the help of some input. The music is crazy good up to a point, and then looses it. Perhaps a second set of ears would keep the songs on track. With a little help Ian James could release an amazing album. “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait” is another song that I am excited at the start, but as the song progresses, I again get disappointed. I look forward to Ian James releasing his next album, as I know this guy has it in him to do a superior record.

For more info see: http://www.ianjamesmusic.com/

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