Everyone Can Sing; Yes Even You

Everyone Can Sing; Yes Even You

Music is something that everyone can do. It is not some magical gift that is tossed down from The Heavens like a bolt of lightning that only hits certain people. Everyone can sing. You, me, your mom, that guy at the grocery store that is constantly getting his cart in the way of the carrots you want so desperately, the lady at the mall who sprays you with perfume, Uncle Tim, George Bush… They can all sing. So then, why is it that so few people actually THINK that they can sing?

If you go to a group of 100 kindergarten aged kids and say “raise your hand if you can sing!” Every hand will reach to the sky. Pose the same question to 100 sixth graders and half the hands will go up. Same questions to high school seniors will get 1 or 2 hands, a few eye rolls, a spit ball and 23 eyes looking towards their smart phone for the latest SnapChat message. Ask those same three groups if they like Gladiator movies and you are automatically put on a list. What is the point of all this? The kindergartners are correct. The act of singing is something that everyone can do. If you think you cannot sing, it is all in your head. As we get older we think that we have to be the best at something to be able to do it. That is wrong. You may not be the best singer in the world but you are a singer. Sing.

What makes a good singer? Just like sex… Confidence and enthusiasm, Oh and practice. Once people believe they can’t sing, they stop trying. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy as with lack of practice you do get worse and less aware of how to use your vocal cords. Also be sure to have confidence. Hit those notes. Don’t shy away because you feel you can’t do it, just do it.

Once you overcome your fear that you can’t sing you will realize that you can sing. You will be able to raise your hand like all those kindergartners. Otherwise if you don’t, SnapChat some people, watch some gladiator movies and push your cart aimlessly around the grocery store. Sing it out loud!

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