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We want your hard earned 5 bucks. Yourband.info has been writing articles, doing interviews, and providing reviews of the local music scene for 7 years. In that time we have written over 1000 articles about local bands. We receive between 1000 and 10,000 visitors A DAY. We are the first to bring your attention to new and upcoming local bands. We also do continued coverage of those great local bands that keep going strong. There are not a lot of avenues for local bands to receive press in the state. We provide an important service to the music community that helps make a vibrant music collective.

Here comes the “but”…. But we want your hard earned 5 bucks. Hosting fees as you can imagine are crazy for a site the size of ours. Images, sound files, videos and more take up a lot of storage room. Our monthly hosting fees have increased and we do not generate that amount of money on the few ads we have on our site. This means we will be losing more money then we were already losing before the increase. We are asking for your help. We want your hard earned 5 bucks. Only 5 bucks to have your name listed in our sponsor’s page. You can see the link to that page right up there at the top of the website. If you are in a band and we ever wrote an article about your band, please think about becoming a sponsor. 5 bucks. Less than two regular coffees. Less than you pay Facebook to promote a post. Please consider supporting coverage of the local music scene by contributing JUST 5 bucks now.

You can also pay more if you wish but we only want your hard earned 5 bucks. Use the PayPal link below to pay. When you click the link to pay, you can use your credit/debit card or your own PayPal account. Include the name you wish to have listed on our sponsor’s page. You can put your band name or your own name or some childish name that says a bad word when you say it like “Amanda Huginkiss”

So please, support Yourband.info. 5 bucks, get your name as a sponsor, and support the coverage of local music. We thank you.

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