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Pat and The Hats started off as a three piece band. Then they added a backup singer, then another guitar, and now- a second backup singer Hannah Rose. Since we have already written so much about the other members of the band, we decided to attack their newest member Hannah with a stick. Since we couldn’t find a stick, we decided to attack her with questions. We sat down with her at Market Days in Concord this past weekend. We asked her our famous 5 questions- We asked for her number too- She said “42”. I think she didn’t understand what we were asking orrrrrrrrrr, maybe, she understood perfectly. In any event, she did answer our 5 questions- Her answers and direct personal cell phone number are below!

1. How did you get hooked up with playing for Pat and The Hats.

Hannah Rose: There's two versions of this story. The extended version is: I recorded myself singing and my mom sent it to Brian Coombes at Rocking Horse Studio. He called me in and I became a session singer. I eventually sang on Pat and the Hats "Gemini". A few weeks later Brian called me and asked me to a few big shows for them. I went to practice with them and BAM I was a hat! The short story: Brian Coombes stole me and forced me to sing. Believe what you want!

2. What is your music history?

Photo Courtesy of Bardsey Photography LLCHannah Rose: I signed up for concert band in elementary school playing the flute. In junior high I picked up piccolo as well. In high school I was in concert band along with marching band. I've always had a spot in my heart for piano... When I was a kid I would go to lessons with my mom and practice when I got home. A few years ago I was on and off again with lessons. I wish I had really stuck with it! Other than that I don't really play instruments (except for some percussion with the hats). As far as singing goes, I've been singing since I could talk. Remember those big candy cane sticks?? At Christmas time I would pretend that was my mic as I tried my hardest to sing like Mariah Carey on her Christmas album... Other than the studio I haven't done much singing! I've been a session singer with Brian for probably 2 years now. Until I met him I was extremely shy when it came to singing

3. Which member of the Hats hits on you the most?

Hannah Rose:Photo Courtesy of Bardsey Photography LLC I think the real question is, "Which member of the hats does Hannah hit on the most?" ...probably Brittany (haaaay girl )

4. Who is your favorite local band?

Hannah Rose: I would probably say the Dusty Gray Band. They're a great group of guys, and they have great energy on and off stage!

5. You get to pick one cd that you have to listen to constantly for the rest of your life- what cd?

Hannah Rose: This is a really tough one... I go through phases where I listen to an album until it's done. I would probably make a mix. It would have Stevie Ray Vaughan, Pearl Jam, that song Gwenyth Paltrow and Huey Lewis did, Christina Perri, that new song on the radio from Katy Tiz... One of everything. When I say go through an album until it's done I mean until everyone around me is sick of me humming and singing it haha

6. What question could we ask that would most likely offend you the most?

Hannah Rose: Why would I want to tell you what would offend me? I don't want to be offended. I thought there were only 5 questions!! Maybe that's the offending question!!
Photos Courtesy of Bardsey Photography LLC

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