Halalnihil - review

OH MY GOD. Have you heard the worst album ever? I have. I just had to sit though 37 minutes of pure torture. I had to take breaks during the play back just so my ears could recover. I never review an album without listening to the album a few times, all the way, completely. However, I cannot subject my ears to this crap. Finger nails on the chalk board, no really, I think that this sound is featured as a major part of the recording. The latest ‘Halalnihil’ album titled, 'Global Uterus Annihilation' is pure crap and a waste of anyone’s time and energy. Actually wait… no… THIS ALBUM IS PERFECT. I am going to send a copy of this CD to the government. You know how they like to blast crappy music on repeat to get dictators to leave their palace or torture captured enemies? Well, this album would be perfect for bringing any hardened criminal to their knees. Seriously, I do not see how anyone could sit and listen to this without getting mad.

If you can sit and listen to this entire thing in one sitting, please contact us. We will give you a prize.

Check it out for yourself: http://halalnihil.bandcamp.com/album/global-uterus-annihilation

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