Local Radio -‘Granite State of Mind’ WNHN 94.7

Local Radio -‘Granite State of Mind’ WNHN 94.7

WNHNDid you know that Concord NH has its very own local music radio show? Yeah- we do. Thursday nights at 9:00 pm on WNHN 94.7 you can hear ‘Granite State of Mind’ with Rob Azevedo and Dave Cummings. This local radio show features musicians from around town, playing a few tunes LIVE on air as well as a little chat and some music played off of CDs. This past Thursday I took a trip over and sat in on one of the shows.

The night I stopped by to watch the recording of the show, The Fourlegged Faithful, Dusty Gray, Taylor Whipple, and B. A. Canning were going to be performing. When I arrived, The Fourlegged Faithful were at the studio busy setting up their gear for their performance. I tried to stay out of their way so they could have room for their big bad bass. It was great hearing them warm up. I briefly introduced myself to host Rob Azevedo. This brief introduction was short lived because in the next few moments the show was starting and the organized mayhem began. The studio was bustling with activity as the show progressed. Bands breaking down, bands setting up, bands talking, bands forgetting their tambourine on the floor… all of this changing between bands was done in seconds. It is obvious that Rob and Dave have had lots of practice with this dance.

As Dusty Gray entered the studio for his performance he remarked, while glaring at me, “They will let anyone in here, won’t they.” It should be noted- I hate Dusty Gray, I hate him soooooo much. Sure, I am nice to Dusty’s face, I talk well about him to others, I love his music, he is a nice guy, he’s funny, he buys me beer, he let me sit on a recording session, I enjoy hanging out with him , he is generally a nice smelling person but….… I hate him. I have a fire red passionate hatred and loathing of this man. If you have met Dusty you must feel the same way. You know you do. A bunch of us feel like this. We actually have a club- the “I Seriously Hate Dusty Gray in the Privacy of My Own Home and Soup Lovers Club.” We meet Tuesdays at the mall food court in front of Burger King. We chat about Dusty’s shortcomings… and soup… mostly soup though. (Ed Note: Since we have received lots of hate mail from our last bashing of a local musician, it should be noted- We actually like Dusty and soup. The above sentences may or may not be jokes- Please comment at the end of this article why you too hate Dusty Gray too) Ok, now that I have wasted 5 minutes of your life, reading about hating Dusty Gray; Lets get back to the Show.

If you are a local musician you should really make sure you contact Rob and Dave to get a slot playing on the radio. If you are not a local musician; you should tune in. Rob and Dave really let the music speak on the program. Very little chat between songs allows an hour packed full of live tunes from amazing local musicians. Make sure you check out Granite State of Mind on 94.7 FM every Thursday at 9:00 PM. If you miss it? You can also listen to their podcast replayed on your computer anytime!

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