Gorilla Finger Dub Band- Review

Gorilla Finger Dub Band- Review

I showed up at True Brew in Concord Friday night to see a band called Gorilla Finger Dub Band. I was meeting a couple friends and arrived before they got there. I stood outside the club for a minute talking to some guy about how radio today has become completely stupid. Today’s radio plays the same song over and over every hour. I also explained that to him that an article we recently posted about Mark Trottier was true(mark,Go Local Music founder, does have 11 toes… gross) I glanced into True Brew through the glass and only saw darkness.

My friends arrived and we walked into the bar. I expected to see more of the same emptiness I saw from outside. I was surprised. The venue was pretty packed. I am not sure what optical illusion was occurring but from the outside the place looked empty, from the inside... filled with a sea of people. I ordered my normal PBR and was surprised with a nice pilsner glass(where is my can?)The music flooded into my ears, as the cold beer drowned my stomach. I was then presented with another illusion… a 5 foot tall white guy singing with the heart and soul of Bob Marley.

I had never seen or heard Gorilla Finger Dub Band and I was expecting some sort of trance electronic music. I was instead pleasantly surprised with solid reggae grooves. These musicians were really good and found their way around varied rhythms and time signatures with ease. If I closed my eyes, I felt like I was listening to Bob Marley. They did it perfectly. Horns, keys, bass, guitar and drums melted as one. I do not consider myself a reggae expert, so I could not tell you if all the songs were covers or not; I can tell you that I heard more than a handful of Marley tunes. Is that a bad thing? Nah… Maybe if you hate Bob you will hate Gorilla Finger Dub band. But let’s be honest, if you hate Bob Marley you are probably one of those asshats that say the Beatles sucked. If you think the Beatles or Bob Marley suck, you are just saying that cause you have no clue about good music. Gorilla Finger Dub Band is good music; asshats stay away.

So in closing, if you are not an idiot, you will love to go see Gorilla Finger Dub Band playing at your local bar… If you are an asshat, then you should just stay home and listen to your Hanson Christmas album.

Find them on Faccebook: https://www.facebook.com/Gorillafingerdubband
You should also checkout The Cyborg Trio- Drumer, Sam, plays in both bands. Cyborg Trio will be at Go Local Camp-N-jam this year. https://www.facebook.com/CyborgTrioMusic

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