The Dwells

Dear Love:
You are so pretty and I love spending time with you. Over these past few years I have fallen deeply in love with you and cannot see myself without you in my daily life. I want to dance with you, I want to live with you, I want to make the world around you perfect, I want to go on long rides with you next to me. I want to go out in the rain with you, running, in the dark and grasp hands without an umbrella.

I know there have been times in the past where I might have treated you wrong; like the time I left you on the side of the road alone after our fight. I have changed. I love you. I know this for a fact. Can you ever forgive me? I purchased tickets to see your favorite band “The Dwells”. They are releasing their new album “Don't Ever Leave Me Like You Do” and I preordered tickets to their CD release show on March 30th at the Lizard Lounge Cambridge, MA. Their music is the soundtrack to our relationship. The bitterly sad and haunting happiness generated in their music that impacts us both like a comet crashing into the ocean. Remember that time we sat by the river tossing sticks into the current and watched them float away and twist and turn. Every day with you is a pleasure. I know that “The Dwells” is our common string. I have never been so happy, so sad, so jubilant, so emotional; as I have been with you and “The Dwells”. In fact, maybe it is not you. It is the Dwells. It has always been The Dwells. It will always be the Dwells.
-With Love, Your S.A.

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