Drunken Logic- Review

Drunken Logic

It is so nice out. What a weekend, the windows are open and the breeze is pouring into my house as I have 'Something New to Burn' the new album from the band ‘Drunken Logic’ playing. The music pours from my stereo and out my windows into the yard. I should mention, I just had surgery and I am on 4 different types of pain pills.

This album is rock opera- it is geek rock for Berkeley grads. It is easy on the ears without punching you to the ground. The song writing is mature and does not fall into easy patterns of 1.2.3. Some might find this music too challenging to listen to. The hooks are there but they are buried. I am trying to find the theme in the album, and I am sure it is there but it eludes me. I want to find it. It is like trying to see a 3-D picture where you have to cross your eyes but can’t quite see it yet. Maybe it isn't really there, it must be.. it has to be. This is too clear to not be there. Maybe it’s the pain pills, maybe I am looking too hard or maybe it’s not a schooner but a boat.

Haunting piano, electric guitar and clearly-sung-accurate vocals. Grand intros with crescendos leading into waves of colorful sound falling over your face. Imagine making out with a unicorn under a rainbow while a care bear rubs your butt. That is what the Band Drunken Logic gives you in their album. A pillow of made of the finest Pegasus feathers for you to lie on.

I need to get off of these pills and get to Boston to see this band.
Find Drunken Logic on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrunkenLogic

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