Crunchy Western Boys- Interview

The Crunchy Western Boys have a show coming up June 15th at the Tupelo Hall in White River Jct.VT. After trying unsuccessfully for a week to contact the very private and enigmatic members of the popular band the Crunchy Western Boys, the intrepid reporters at have managed to contact and interview a member of their inner circle.

What follows is a conversation held between one of our staff members and a Mr. Jarg Hammondjeeze. A man suspected of close ties with this mysterious band. We at hope to unearth some interesting and new insights into one of NH’s strangest success stories!

(ED NOTE: This conversation was held at an undisclosed drinking establishment…after a great deal of tequila and beer.)

“The crunchy Western Boys? They’re just these guys…you know?”
So says Jarg Hammondjeeze, the Crunchy Western Boys long-time psychiatrist and life-style consultant.

YB: So, how are the boys doing in regards to your specialties?
JH: “In a word? Not. Well. Ok that’s two words, but you know what I’m saying. These Crunchy boys are a mess! Money issues, dirty tissues, and 'oh my god I miss youse!'…a wreck I tell ya! If it weren’t for the drinking, they’d have real problems!

YB: I’m sure you and the guys get this a lot, but how would you label your music?
JH: probably with one of those plastic tape punching things…

YB: No, we meant what would you call the kind of music you make?
JH: Ah! It aint bluegrass I can tell ya that…and they don’t have a drummer…something to do with an accident involving a jar of peanut butter, a rum and coke, and a contraceptive. I find it best not to pry too much about that…anyway, no drummer. This changes things a bit in how they approach the music…AND how they pack the car!

YB: So, the missing drummer is the key?
JH: Hey, like I said, we don’t talk about that…let’s just say we’d like to avoid ‘Imperial entanglements’ if you know what I mean…did ya ever see ‘The Fly’? …never mind…

YB: So…
JH: Hmm? Oh yes! The sound…it’s not ‘new’ grass…it’s not country…its fun! If you put your head too near the bass amp, for some reason, it makes you hungry! …kind-grass perhaps?

YB: Let’s move on…how long have you been involved with the band?
JH: Hey now! I don’t know what you’ve heard…but Jacob and I have never…I mean, c’mon! That’s a bass player thing!

YB: No, no…how long have you been consulting with the band?
JH: OH! Heh, heh…THAT! Well…I’ve been a key part of the band since the beginning. Back when Jim was just making it up as an excuse to have a petting zoo and name his pigs…long time! Ahh, pigs…good, AND simpler, times!

YB: I’m sure…and how did the others come to be involved.
JH: Well, let’s see…things really got started right around the time of the great meteor shower of ’04…that’s when we found Morris!

YB: Are you saying Morris is an Alien?

JH: No, no…Jim was drinking beer. He fell off a porch…right onto Mo’s car…terrific noise! They decided to start a band right there!

YB: And the others?
JH: As you know, Jim and Morris, although they write the bulk of the material, simply ‘round out the sound’ with guitar and mandolin. The band really took off when Jim and Morris were waiting in line at the methadone clinic and met our fiddler, Jacob!

YB: Did all three have a drug problem?
JH: No, no! They thought it was the line for the bathroom! Once they got that sorted out, and were released, they realized they needed a bass player. Just then this guy came to the door with a pizza...

YB: That was Steve?
JH: No dummy! It was the pizza guy… after we paid him, and we were thinking about how great pepperoni is, Steve called and said he’d be into joining the band! The rest is history! Like I say, they’re just these guys…ya know?


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