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Every local band needs professional photos taken at some point. I am not talking about that picture your mom took of you jamming out in your basement with a bunch of yard sale crap in the back ground. You need real quality pictures taken by a pro. Bands need these pictures for websites, print media, electronic press kits, CD covers/inserts and to show off to potential girlfriends (“Look look, I am in a real band… date me”). If you live in the concord NH area, you should check out Corey Garland Photography. Corey’s work is two parts modern, one part classic and 3 parts downright awesome.

Corey Garland has worked with some of the area’s best bands including; Brooks Young Band, Jamantics, Captain Chet Lawson’s Snake Oil Revue, Lamont Smooth and TONS more. It is obvious that these musicians trust Corey Garland with their artistic direction and he delivers each and every time(sometimes in 30 minutes or less). Artistic direction in print form is a portion of a bands overall appeal. A boring picture leads people to think the band is boring, exciting pictures make people think the band could be the next Rolling Stones.

When you think of band promo shots, three things come to mind; Train tracks, Brick walls and convertibles… YUCK!!! It seems the creativity when shooting band promo pictures has been lost and these three scenes are used over and over. Corey breaks this mold and uses innovative ideas. Most recently he led a large group of Captain Chet fans at White Park in Concord for a memorable photo shoot. The mass of fans surrounded the band as Corey worked his magic from a step ladder.

Not only does Corey Garland Photography do band photos but also weddings, events, portraits and commissions. If your band needs photography work done, or if you have an upcoming wedding, make sure you contact Corey for some of the best work in the area.

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