Brooks Hubbard- Album Review- Press Play

Brooks Hubbard- Album Review- Press Play

I became aware of the music created by Brooks Hubard after a friend told me to check out his music. I generally don’t trust this friend as she kinda likes pop country music. We all know that pop country music is not really music but prepackaged crap to be used as backing for “Dancing with The Stars.” I wasn’t even gonna give Brooks Hubbard a listen until she told me two things. “I am not wearing matching socks today”. I figured she was crazy- who doesn’t wear matching socks. It is like running with scissors or filling up on bread at an expensive restraint. The other thing she mentioned is that “I have seen Brooks like 10 times.” I was intrigued. Her professional stalking of this musician is not something you see often in local music. Because of her creepy dedication I relented and made my way over to his Facebook page to internet stalk the dude myself. After about an hour of perusing his Facebook photos and accidentally liking a couple and immediately unliking; I sent him an e-mail asking for some tunes to listen to(he won’t know I liked those pics right? Will he know? Shoot- he gets the notification anyways! Crap!)

In was early morning when I got the tracks from Brooks's album 'Press Play' to listen to. Since he still sent me tracks he apparently was unaware that I knew every single personal detail about him- Like he went To Keene State College- just graduated this year- he hails from Enfield but currently lives in Keene- he is thinking of moving to the west coast in the coming year and most importantly- he likes pictures of cats wearing funny hats… a lot (hmmmm… that last part might be about someone else). I downloaded the tunes, queued up the IPod, pressed play and started brushing my teeth. I could hear sultry compositions similar to John Mayer, the island carefree love of Jack Johnson, and my toothbrush humming away (my toothbrush, it’s electric Boogie woogie, woogie).

I liked the music. I liked it a lot. Like really liked it. I mean I don’t think you can understand the full and utter passion I feel towards this music. I am thinking of getting Brooks Hubbard’s name tattooed on my body. Is that weird? I drove by his house 32 times today to see if I could “accidentally” run into him. My plan was to ask if it was ok for the tattoo but I didn't see him outside. When I looked into his 2nd story windows (always have a ladder with me) to check if anyone was home, all I could see was a person crouching and hiding behind a couch. They must have been playing a game of hide go seek or something and I didn’t want to interrupt their fun. I tried texting him a few hundred times but he must have his phone disconnected.

Anyways, do yourself a favor- GO THIS THIS MAN PLAY LIVE. You will love it. If you love his tunes as much as I do, our group meets on Tuesday’s “300 feet” away from his house.
***Editor note: This entire review is a lie except for the part where we say we like the music and you should check it out. Oh, and the part where we state our friend is a complete nut case- that is true too-Mismatched socks. COME ON!

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