5 Questions with Britt Lundgren: The Hickory Horned Devils

5 Questions with Britt Lundgren: The Hickory Horned Devils

The Hickory Horned Devils are a modern Americana band from Hillsborough County, NH. They are playing in Concord this Friday December 20th at true brew. I had never heard of the band (sorry guys)…. So, I decided to track them down and attack one of their members. So I put on my hunting clothing and set my sites on Britt Lundgren, fiddle player of the band. (Although I don’t hunt, I live in New England, so I do have full hunting gear.. and a pet moose.) She was a little scared when I jumped out from behind the bushes and started asking her 5 questions, but to my surprise she answered back… While she was discreetly dialing 9-1-1 on her cell.

1. What is your favorite place to play violin?

Every summer we have a picking party at our family cabin on the side of a stream deep in the woods in central Maine. We invite friends from all over who love to play old time music, and spend the whole weekend playing, drinking, eating, and generally having a good time.

2. If you had to- what band member would you toss under a bus first?

Britt:The band member I would toss under the bus first is . . . .Hey! What's that huge thing sneaking up behind you? What? You don't see it? Oh. Nevermind. . . What was the question?

3. You are stuck in a room listening to one song on repeat for 40 hours. What song would make you go crazy first?

Britt:Anything by Rush.

4. What is your most memorable show?

Britt:The best shows are the ones where you can really feel the connection with the audience - the band is in the groove, and the audience is right there with us, dancing, listening, and having a good time. Of course, sometimes there are those other kinds of "memorable" shows, like the one where a guy must have asked me 10 times if we could play Sweet Child O' Mine.

5. Ok, where did this band name come from?

Britt:The hickory horned devil is a caterpillar. Not just any caterpillar, but a truly ugly enormous caterpillar, related to the tomato hornworm. Will and I found one when we were walking in a park in DC one day, learned it was called a hickory horned devil, and added that to the running list of band names that we keep. Somehow, when we were forming the band we managed to convince Larry and Phil that it would be a great band name. And now everybody else in the band is stuck with it, whether they like it or not! Still not really sure how that happened, but there you have it.

Find out more on the band here: https://www.facebook.com/HickoryHornedDevils

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