Bedford Davis- review

Bedford Davis- review

Have you heard of the band ‘Bedford Davis’? No? Well why not! They come from Boston, but don’t hold that against them. Their 2013 freshman release, ‘Its Not That Type of Party’ walks the line between being a geekier Weezer and a less geeky They Might Be Giants. You can also hear ‘The Talking Heads’ shinning though on each reverb drenched track and strange ass vocal run.

There are two things that made me check out this album. First, lead singer and bass player, Ethan Armstrong, hails from Concord and played in the band ‘Phil and The Blank” (or well, he hails from Bow but don’t hold that against him either). Second, Marc Lacatell, the guitarist is from the band ‘Whack Ass Egyptians’. Now, you may have no clue who either of these bands are, but if you do, you are on the same gleeful memory trip that I am on right now. If you have no clue who these bands are, please, have a seat over there.

While this CD was playing in my CD player I had a big smile. Ok, lies.. all lies. It was on my computer and it was an MP3… but the smile was the same. The lyrics of the songs brush between insanity and brilliance. The music is complexly simple. This music makes me want to eat pop rocks and soda. This music makes me want to clap my hands. This music makes me want to scream from the top of an apartment building, “God damn it, why do my shoes keep coming untied when I took all this time to double knot them.” Confused? Become moreso and listen to Bedford Davis.

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