Amy Von Eerie of The Skeleton Beats- 5 Questions Interview

The Skeleton Beats are a punk band from Boston Massachusetts. I am a fan of true-real-badass punk and this band does it with one part Motorhead and one part New York Dolls. Amy Von Eerie is the lead singer and guitarist and we got a chance to sit down for a chat. We asked her our famous five questions and tried not to fan-freak out on her. Even us reporters sometimes become star struck when you get to meet such talent.


Best name for a cat?

Amy Von Eerie: -Steve.

Artist who made biggest impact/influence?

Amy Von Eerie: - we are influenced by so many artists from Eddie Cochran, AC/DC, Guns n' Roses, The Sonics, link Wray, The Damned, The Cult...just to name a few...really anything from rockabilly, new wave to rock!
But one of my main personal influences has to be The Cramps. Once I bought Songs the Lord Taught Us us when I was 18 Ive never loved a band more. I admire Lux's vocals and stage presence so much and Ivy's guitar playing is a huge influence to me. Their sound is so primitive and raw and there is and will never be anyone else like them

Beatles or Stones?

Amy Von Eerie: -Stones all the way. No songs about Octopuses or Submarines. I'll take songs from The Stones about rainbows and pills any day! But really,Let It Bleed is a band favorite album and Out of Our Heads is in my top 10 favorite records. I would probably choose that album to listen to constantly for the rest of my life.

What song would make you go crazy if you had to listen to it on repeat-forever?

Amy Von Eerie: - Anything sung by Billy Joel. "We Didn't Start the Fire
" would make my urge to kill boil over.

Why did you start playing music?

Amy Von Eerie: - I used to go to as many local punk shows as possible. I frequented clubs like the Rat and the Elvis room and CBGBs when I was in NYC. I saw a lot of guys on those stages but not enough women. I'm a guys gal and always thought to myself...I could do that. I WANT to do that. Music is my life line. It makes me feel alive. If I didn't play music I would probably end up a crazy hermit/cat lady.


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