Acoustisaurus- live review

Acoustisaurus- Live Review

It Friday night and I am headed to see the band Acoustisaurus at True Brew in Concord NH. I have not heard or seen this band but I have seen almost every member play in some other area bands. As I walk into the bar, I realize something- I showed up just in time to catch their set break. Damn it.

I walk from the non-music side of True Brew to the music side of the bar. It is actually pretty hard to get past all the people but I manage to accidently grope 4 people (and purposely grope 6). I squeeze by Glenn Moir, Acoustisaurus bass player, and we exchange some sort of awkward hug- fist bump-grope-hand Harlem shake. I then buy my PBR and stand with a few friends in the back and discuss the merits of the Telecaster as we wait for Acoustisaurus to take the stage again.

Acoustisaurus was the worst band I have ever seen. Just kidding; it is Opposite Day. (oh my- did I just use an opposite day joke? Don’t worry folks; I hate myself too). But seriously, their straight ahead moderately paced rock is more than enough to get my ears happy and keep my cootie shot booster up to date. Michelle Tilton’s vocals, as always, were a treat to listen to; (see past reviews on her vocals).

If you have been out to a show lately you have seen "that guy” playing on saxophone. He shows up and asks whatever band is playing that night if he can sit in for a few tunes. His name is Adric Rosen, hails from Boston, went to Berkley and he is amazing. Adric was there and added his blowing to a few tunes and was great. He also added a little Latin dancing in the middle of the dance floor later in the night.

In the end, Acoustisaurus is great band, that are perfect to listen to as you sit back and drink a glass of wine. The best part? The groping.

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