5 Quick and Easy Things You Should do to Support Local Music RIGHT NOW

5 Quick and Easy Things You Should do to Support Local Music RIGHT NOW

Local musicians need all the help, support and love they can get. The uphill battle to get anywhere in local music is debilitating. You can do these 5 small and quick things to help. You seriously have no excuse. To quote Nike- Just do it, I pitty the fool. I think Nike said that. Anyways do these 5 things right now!

1. Go to your favorite local band page on facebook. Look at the left side of the page where it says “invite friends” and invite a few friends to like the page. If you don’t want to do that, just click “share”. Post a few words about the band and why you like them. You could also share a tweet, tumblr, or travel back in time and do something on Myspace. The Facebook support is very much appreciated by the band.

2. Search your favorite local band on Spotify and Pandora. Add a channel in their name or add them to your already created channel. Either way, it gets some good local music into your stream and gets the band a few pennies. Each time a song of theirs plays on your channel they earn a fraction of a cent but if you do this every day it adds up to a copper Lincoln.

3. Write a review- Write down a few words about the band and send it to local music magazines. In fact, if we receive any reviews about local bands sent to yourbandinfo@gmail.com we promise to publish it.

4. Text a friend- Send a text to three friends. Simply text “This band is amazing check them out”. Replace ‘this band’ with the actual band name. You should only text this to people who you know like local music. I am sure your great Aunt Bertha does not care that you think ‘Satan’s Dream’ is the best local band in Spokane.

5. Take a picture- Hold up the bands CD, or a show flyer or their facebook page or even one of their band members- take a picture and post it to your Instagram or facebook account. It doesn’t have to be fancy. It is just to show support. Be sure to tag the band in the photo.

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